Haiiiii-Ya! Cartoon Martial Arts Combat

Hi Everyone,

If you are reading this, you probably already know that Haiiiii-Ya! is out for sale in the stores, as well as up for PDF sale at:




So... when are we gonna do updates?

Ahh, the hell with it.. I got work to do, but that never stopped me before! However, I have not had time to really write up stuff, so:

New Special Effects (HY rulebook, pg. 11)

Speed Lines

Everyone knows what Speed Lines are: those zooming optical effects when a Fighter is running really fast or throwing a REALLY hard punch or kick. Speed Lines in Haiiiii-Ya! can work in one of two ways.

For Initiative

When making an attack, the Fighter can spend 25 Energy points and get a +1 to their Initiative roll, moving so fast at that point that they generate their own Speed Lines. Te Player must announce he is using Speed Lines before he rolls initiative.

Further bonuses to Initiative can be gained by spending more even more Energy:

Initiative Bonus Energy Cost
+1 25 Energy
+2 50 Energy
+3 100 Energy
+5 200 Energy
+5* 400 Energy
* Maximum Bonus

When spending for Initiative Bonuses of +4 or +5 the Fighter is moving so fast that he is a blur along with the Speed Lines (and can't really be understood if he or she is saying anything... yes; any dialogue does in fact sound a chipmunk). All players involved can earn 25 Chi at the end of the fight if they speed up/slow down their speech patterns appropriately.

For example. Joe and Tim's Fighters are going at it, and Joe decides to use the Speed Lines Special Effect.

Joe's dialogue: oki'musingSpeedLinesandspending200Energytoreallyzoominand hityoureallyreallyreallyfast!"

Tim: "oooooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyyy ..... I'mmmmmm.....gooonnnnaaaaaa...... bbbblllooooccckkkk..."

If the players want to pantomime how fast or slow their Fighters are acting, so much the better!

For Enhanced Damage

Much like using Energy to boost attributes (HY Rulebook, Pg, 26), this adds damage per amount below of energy spent. Using Speed Lines in this method

Damage Bonus Energy Cost
+50 Damage 25 Energy
+100 Damage 50 Energy
+200 Damage 100 Energy
+300 Damage 200 Energy
+400 Damage* 400 Energy
* Maximum Bonus


This is the exact opposite of Speed Lines: the players slow down the action, as it were, to gain damage bonuses if they do hit. To simulate Freeze Frame, the player must announce they are using that particular Special Effect before everyone rolls for initiative that round; the players using Freeze Frame then "pays" an Initiative penalty and gains a commiserate damage bonus. Since the penalty means that most likely that Fighter will be going last for that round, this Special Effect works best for those Fighters with a high Armor score or similar permanent defenses (this is a great one if your Fighter has the Mammoth Monster Size! Power). And yes, just like the other Special Effects, Freeze Frame does cost Energy; Speed Lines and Freeze Frame cannot be used in conjunction. However, it does work with the Reversed Gravity Special Effect.

Energy Cost Initiative Penalty Damage Bonus
+25 -1 +100
50 -2 +200
100 -3 +400
200 -4 +500
400 -5 +1000

Okay, that is enough for this time! Hopefully, in another two weeks, I will have more stuff, including some new Combat Options, New Powers, and Disadvantages!